About me

I’m a mid-twenty-something, somewhat-newly-wed,  just trying to figure it all out. This is my sounding board, my journal, my sanity-meter and new procrastination source all rolled into one. As such, it shall be filled with all the oddness and awesomeness that makes up my life, and a little bit of everything in between.

Home is the sunny city of Brisbane, Australia, though I spent the second half of 2012  on university exchange in the small town of Dumfries, Scotland. That trip was definitely the most life defining adventure to date (I even managed to find myself an amazing Scottish boyfriend, now husband, over there :)) and was the reason this little blog began. Since then, said boyfriend/fiancé moved to Australia (post a few very challenging months of LONG distance dating), we got married, moved to Toowoomba and back, and have been building what I believe is commonly referred to as a “life together”. With my uni days behind me, and a few years in the “real world” under my belt, I have discovered that being an adult is less about “having it all together” and more about “figuring it out as you go along” than I ever imagined.

I love travelling (if only money was endless and you didn’t have to spend time earning it), anything miniature, baby animals, things that are sparkly, and generally having random adventures.

This blog is a snapshot of my life – the good (falling in love is kind of great), the bad (why are there no clear guidelines of what and how to do life after uni?), the tricky (like a long distance relationship that spans over 16,000 kilometres (10,000 miles )), and the plain odd (weirdness just seems to happen to me sometimes) – and I’d love it if you would come along for the ride 🙂

Input is always greatly appreciated, so if you have a thought, comment or suggestion, feel free to leave me a comment and like my Facebook page.

I’d love you to come along for the ride.

Bec xox

I figure a picture of me is appropriate. This is me and my new bestie Nessie

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