The pre-graduation slump

From extensive research (talking to a bunch of friends and family about graduation related things) it seems that the pre -graduation slump seems to be a common experience. But what is this slump I speak of? It’s a feeling of being unsettled; of wanted to be done, move forward, start the next chapter; and it’s a feeling that is not confined to graduation – but really any time you near the end of a long term goal.

For most people this pre-graduation slump seems to come part way into the final stage of something, such as the final semester for university students. For me it seems to have come a little early i.e. at the beginning of my final year of uni. This is where things get a little more complicated in my case. See, I don’t think mine is purely a case of pre-graduation slump. Instead, I think it’s an odd (or maybe not so odd) combination of factors that lead to an overall feeling of discontent that plays out in a bunch of ways (e.g. going a month without blogging because I feel like nothing blog worthy has happened). I think it’s part “the man I love is on the other side of the planet and I miss him”, part “the interny stuff I am doing right now is far more interesting than uni, so I want to finish uni and get into seemingly more fun job stuff”, part “I have a more solid idea than ever before of where my life is headed and I am excited to start moving in that direction”, and part “settling back into normal life was more difficult than expected after 6 months away”.

The good news, this slump will soon get a temporary reprieve as I prepare to head back to the UK for 3.5 weeks – there are no words for how excited I am – in fact I leave in 6 days! Plus, when I get back I will be on track for a normally time decent into graduation slump, but able to do all the normal futurey things that pull you out of it!

I feels so nice to blog again.

ttfn, Bec

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A twenty-something just trying to figure it all out. This is my sounding board, my journal, my sanity-meter and new procrastination source all rolled into one. As such, it shall be filled with all the oddness and awesomeness that makes up my life, and a little bit of everything in between. I'd love you to come along for the ride.
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1 Response to The pre-graduation slump

  1. rivertaylor says:

    I empathise with this post a surprising amount. I’m also in the beginning of my final year at uni, and have just come back from a year abroad in China (which was part of my course, but that didn’t make the displacement of being there or of coming back after so long any less unsettling). The man I love is fortunately in the same country as me, but there was a long time where that wasn’t the case. I’m itching to be done with studying as well, but at the same time I’m a little afraid of leaving the safe, predictable world of education where I know I can make time for fun pursuits like blogging about Harry Potter and writing fanfiction, into the demanding world of work where I’ll have standards to meet and deadlines I can’t keep putting off. Part of my slump is actually due to uncertainty about where my life will go from here (rather than yours, where you’re dying to get where you’re going) and wondering whether, after all of this time, I’m even doing the right degree.

    I hear the term “quarter-life crisis” bandied about a bit, and although it’s a little melodramatic, it’s not that far off from what a lot of twenty-somethings (those I know, and those I encounter online) seem to be going through for various reasons. It’s a highly pressured time in our lives, the move from education to the world of work, especially with a lot of modern factors like job uncertainty and pressure to get a good university degree reaching an all-time high. If a phenomenon exists, you might as well name it.

    Anyway, I just wanted to let you know you’re not alone, and I wish you the best of luck in getting through the slump 🙂

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