My Adventure in the US of A

My adventures to the USA were all part of a three week trip I took with my mum and dad just after my 12th Birthday. It was my first trip overseas, my first long plane ride, and the trip that I think inspired my love of travel.

We spent three weeks touring the west coast of the US covering a whole range of must see places and attractions. We started in Disneyland and California Adventure Land, spending a few days hanging out with all things Disney and taking lots and lots and lots of photos of everything – because that is clearly what you do at Disneyland. The interesting thing is that I think my approach to Disneyland Paris (which I went to as part of my European adventure earlier this year), was much the same as original Disneyland, despite the near decade difference in visiting times. In both cases character finding was a key priority, and I had as much fun wandering around and looking in souvenir shops as I did riding the rides. On a related note, have I mentioned my bizarre love of souvenir shops? It drives both ‘the boy’ and my dad a little nuts, but they love me so they put up with it – if you guys are reading this, I REALLY APPRECIATE IT 🙂 But back to the story, I loved Disney then and I love it now.

Over the course of the next three weeks, we rode across the Golden Gate Bridge and built bears at build-a-bear San Francisco (another adventure I replicated in my European travels by making Logic, in Glasgow), met the stars of the celebs on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, spent a day absorbing the movie magic in Universal Studios, toured the Grand Canyon by foot and air, and got swept away by the bright lights and giant hotel/casinos of Las Vegas. We also headed out of the US for a day trip to Tijuana, Mexico and met a zonkey – a donkey painted in black and white stripes to look better in black and white photos – you have to applaud the ingenuity. It was a real adventure, full of once in a life time opportunities, and experiences I have never forgotten. This trip let’s me check ‘Visit the Grand Canyon’ and ‘Go to Disneyland’ off my bucket list.

Other highlights included:

  • getting to sit in the co-pilot seat during our helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon
  • eating Taco Bell, not sure if I remember it being better than it was, but I’m pretty sure a desert taco with a chocolate shell is great in anyone’s book
  • having a passport for the first time – it just made me feel cool, which was a highly unusual experience for me
  • traffic being on the opposite sides of the road and crossing eight lane roads that weren’t highways – a very odd experience

So I think that about wraps up this trip back in time. Below are a few pictures of twelve year old me on my first overseas adventure (be nice, twelve is an awkward age).



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My and my bear at the Grand Canyon
Zonkey! With my mum and dadChilling with Eyeore

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